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commit 9d9da55ba1ede9b082e3c741d3169bff3f45d249
parent 72911fbf7a84a3dfc413d8a5f23a4602fd45b4fb
Author: dankert <devnull@localhost>
Date:   Fri,  2 Apr 2010 01:29:01 +0200

Chinesische Übersetzung aufgenommen...

config/i18n.ini.php | 2+-
language/cn.ini.php | 1124+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2 files changed, 1125 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/config/i18n.ini.php b/config/i18n.ini.php @@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ default=de ; Available Languages. ; A comma seperated list with language codes. -available=de,en,es,fr,it,ru +available=de,en,es,fr,it,ru,cn diff --git a/language/cn.ini.php b/language/cn.ini.php @@ -0,0 +1,1123 @@ +; $Id$ +; <?php die( 'no access' ) ?> +; +; Simplified chinese language file +; Please send new translations to thanks. +; +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_ADD="A" +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_ADMINISTRATION=A +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_CONTENT="C" +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_CREATE=N +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_EDIT=E +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_EL=C +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_GROUPS=G +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_LISTING=L +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_MEMBERSHIPS="M" +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_PHPINFO="I" +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_PROJECTMENU=P +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_PROP=X +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_PUB=L +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_PW="P" +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_RIGHTS=R +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_SHOW=V +ACCESSKEY_MAIN_SRC=S +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ACL=G +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ADDEL=G +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ADD=G +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ADMINISTRATION=A +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ADVANCED=N +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_APPLICATIONS=A +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ARCHIVE=A +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_COMPRESS="Z" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_CONTENT=C +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_CREATEFILE=F +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_CREATEFOLDER=O +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_CREATELINK=L +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_CREATE=N +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_CREATEPAGE=P +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_EDIT=N +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_EDITVALUE="E" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_EL=T +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_EXPORT=E +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_EXTENSION="E" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_EXTRACT="A" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_FORM="F" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_GROUPS="G" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_HELP=H +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_IMPORT=I +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_INFO="I" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_LINK=L +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_LISTING=G +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_LOGOUT=L +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_MAIL="E" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_MAINTANANCE=W +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_MAINTENANCE="W" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_NAME="N" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_ORDER=R +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PAGES="S" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PASSWORD=K +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PROJECTMENU=P +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PROP=E +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PROPERTIES="E" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PUB=P +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_PWCHANGE="P" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_REGISTER=R +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_REMOVE=F +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_RIGHTS=H +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SELECT=W +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SETTINGS="E" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SHOWLOGIN=Z +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SHOW=Z +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SIZE="G" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SRCELEMENT="N" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_SRC="S" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_TYPE="T" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_UNCOMPRESS="X" +ACCESSKEY_WINDOW_USERS="R" +ACL_CREATE_FILE_ABBREV = "FIL" +ACL_CREATE_FILE = "Upload File" +ACL_CREATE_FOLDER_ABBREV = "DIR" +ACL_CREATE_FOLDER = "Create Directory" +ACL_CREATE_LINK_ABBREV = "LNK" +ACL_CREATE_LINK = "Create Link" +ACL_CREATE_PAGE_ABBREV = "PAG" +ACL_CREATE_PAGE = "Create a page" +ACL_DELETE_ABBREV = "DEL" +ACL_DELETE = "Shānchú" +ACL_DESC = "This rights are used for all request to this object" +ACL_GRANT_ABBREV = "GR" +ACL_GRANT = "Grant rights" +ACL_INHERITED = "inherited" +ACL_PROP_ABBREV = "PRP" +ACL_PROP = "Edit Properties" +ACL_PUBLISH_ABBREV = "PUB" +ACL_PUBLISH = "Publish" +ACL_READ_ABBREV = "REA" +ACL_READ = "Read" +ACL_RELEASE_ABBREV = "REL" +ACL_RELEASE = "Release content" +ACL = "Rights" +ACL_TRANSMIT_ABBREV = "INH" +ACL_TRANSMIT = "Inherit rights" +ACL_WRITE_ABBREV = "WRI" +ACL_WRITE = "Edit content" +ADDITIONAL_INFO = "More Info:" +BUTTON_BACK = "Back" +BUTTON_BACK_DESC = "Back" +BUTTON_CANCEL ="Cancel" +BUTTON_CANCEL_DESC = "Cancel this action" +BUTTON_COMPARE = "Compare" +BUTTON_COMPARE_DESC = "Compare selected text" +BUTTON_NEXT_DESC = "Next" +BUTTON_NEXT = "Next" +BUTTON_OK_DESC="OK" +BUTTON_OK_DESC = "OK" +BUTTON_OK ="Ok" +BUTTON_UNDO ="Undo" +CACHE_FILENAME = "Cache-Dateiname" +CALENDAR="Calendar" +CHARSET ="UTF-8" +COMPRESSION_BZ2 = "bzip2" +COMPRESSION_GZ = "GZip (GNU Zip)" +COMPRESSION_ZIP = "ZIP (PKZIP)" +CONFIRM_DELETE = "Quèrèn shānchú" +CONTENT = "Value" +CREATE_USER = "Creation-User" +DATE_ANSI = "Date ANSI notation" +DATE = "Date" +DATE_FORMAT_LONG = "m/d Y, H:i" +DATE_FORMAT = "m/d Y, H:i:s" +DATE_LAST_MONTH = "Last month" +DATE_LAST_YEAR = "Last year" +DATE_MONTH10 = October +DATE_MONTH11 = November +DATE_MONTH12 = December +DATE_MONTH1 = January +DATE_MONTH2 = February +DATE_MONTH3 = "March" +DATE_MONTH4 = April +DATE_MONTH5 = May +DATE_MONTH6 = June +DATE_MONTH7 = July +DATE_MONTH8 = August +DATE_MONTH9 = September +DATE_NEXT_MONTH = "Next month" +DATE_NEXT_YEAR = "Next Year" +DATE_TIME = Time +DATE_TODAY = "Today" +DATE_WEEKDAY0 = Sunday +DATE_WEEKDAY1 = Monday +DATE_WEEKDAY2 = Tuesday +DATE_WEEKDAY3 = Wednesdy +DATE_WEEKDAY4 = Thursday +DATE_WEEKDAY5 = Friday +DATE_WEEKDAY6 = Saturday +DESCRIPTION = Description +DOCUMENT_TREE = "Document tree" +EDITOR_EDITLINK = "Edit Link" +EDITOR = "Editor" +EDITOR_EDITTEXT = "Text-Editor" +EDITOR_PROMPT_LIST_ENTRY = "Please select a text for the list-entry. Space End of list." +EDITOR_PROMPT_TABLE_CELL_FIRST_COLUMN = "Please enter a text for the first table cell. Space End of table." +EDITOR_PROMPT_TABLE_CELL = "Please enter a Text for the table column. Space next row." +EDITOR_SHOW_LANGUAGE = "Show language" +EL_CODE_DESC = "This PHP-code-element contains PHP-Code which is executed while publishing the page. Only for experienced PHP Programmers!" +EL_CODE = "PHP Code" +EL_COPY =Copy +EL_COPY_DESC = "Copy a Value out of an element of a linked page" +EL_DATE = Date +EL_DATE_DESC = "This Element contains a date" +EL_DYNAMIC_DESC = "The powerful dynamic element contains dynamic scripting-elements, f.e. complex navigation menus." +EL_DYNAMIC = "Dynamic" +ELEMENT_DELETE_DESC = "Delete the element. Attention: All Values with are based on this element will be lost!" +ELEMENT_DELETE_VALUES = "Delete Values" +ELEMENT_DELETE_VALUES_DESC = "All values of this element will be deleted!" +ELEMENT_DESC_DESC = "This description is shown while editing the content, this should be a helpful description for the author" +ELEMENT = Element +ELEMENT_NAME_DESC = "This name identicates this element in the template code. You are able to change this name later" +ELEMENT_NAME =Element-name +ELEMENTS = Elements +ELEMENT_SUBTYPE = Subtype +ELEMENT_TYPE = "Element-type" +EL_INFO_ACT_USER_DESC = "Logged in User: Description" +EL_INFO_ACT_USER_FULLNAME = "Logged in User: Full name" +EL_INFO_ACT_USER_MAIL = "Logged in User: E-Mail" +EL_INFO_ACT_USER_TEL = "Logged in User: Telephone" +EL_INFO_ACT_USER_USERNAME = "Logged in User: Username" +EL_INFO_CREATE_USER_DESC = "Erstellungsautor: Description" +EL_INFO_CREATE_USER_FULLNAME = "Creation-User: Full name" +EL_INFO_CREATE_USER_MAIL = "Creation-User: email" +EL_INFO_CREATE_USER_TEL = "Creation-User: Telephone number" +EL_INFO_CREATE_USER_USERNAME = "Creation-User: Benutzername" +EL_INFODATE_DATE_CREATED = "Date/Time of Creation" +EL_INFODATE_DATE_PUBLISHED = "Date/Time of Publishing" +EL_INFODATE_DATE_SAVED = "Date/Time of last save" +EL_INFODATE_DESC = "The Infodate contains an automatic generated date" +EL_INFODATE = "Infodate" +EL_INFO_DB_ID = "Database: ID" +EL_INFO_DB_NAME = "Database: Name" +EL_INFO_DESC = "This Info field contains automatic content" +EL_INFO_EDIT_FULLURL = "Url for Login (complete)" +EL_INFO_EDIT_URL = "Url for login (relative)" +EL_INFO = "Info" +EL_INFO_LANGUAGE_ID = "Used language: ID" +EL_INFO_LANGUAGE_ISO = "Used language: ISO-Code" +EL_INFO_LANGUAGE_NAME = "Used language: Name" +EL_INFO_LASTCH_USER_DESC = "Last User: Description" +EL_INFO_LASTCH_USER_FULLNAME = "Last User: Full name" +EL_INFO_LASTCH_USER_MAIL = "Last User: email" +EL_INFO_LASTCH_USER_TEL = "Last User: Telephone Number" +EL_INFO_LASTCH_USER_USERNAME = "Last User: Username" +EL_INFO_PAGE_DESC = "Page: Beschreibung" +EL_INFO_PAGE_EXTENSION = "Page: Filename-extension" +EL_INFO_PAGE_FILENAME = "Page: Filename (Without extension)" +EL_INFO_PAGE_FULLFILENAME = "Page: Complete path and filename" +EL_INFO_PAGE_ID = "Page: ID" +EL_INFO_PAGE_NAME = "Page: Name" +EL_INFO_PROJECT_ID = "Project: ID" +EL_INFO_PROJECT_NAME = "Project: Name" +EL_INFO_URL = "URL to log in" +EL_INSERT_DESC = "Inserting page(s). Either 1 selected page or a list of pages out of 1 selected folder are inserted." +EL_INSERT_INLINE="Internal Insert while publishing" +EL_INSERT = "Insert" +EL_INSERT_SSI="Insert via Serverside-Include (SSI)" +EL_LINK = "Anchor" +EL_LINK_DESC = "Link to a page or a file" +EL_LINK_FILE = "Link to files" +EL_LINK_IMAGE_DATA_URI = "Link to images with Data-URI" +EL_LINK_IMAGE = "Link to images" +EL_LINKINFO = "Anchor-Info" +EL_LINKINFO_CREATE_USER_DESC = "Create-User: Description" +EL_LINKINFO_CREATE_USER_FULLNAME = "Create-User: Full name" +EL_LINKINFO_CREATE_USER_MAIL = "Create-User: E-Mail" +EL_LINKINFO_CREATE_USER_TEL = "Create-User: Telephone Number" +EL_LINKINFO_CREATE_USER_USERNAME = "Create-User: Username" +EL_LINKINFO_DESC = "Use an Property out of a linked object" +EL_LINKINFO_HEIGHT = "Height" +EL_LINKINFO_LASTCH_USER_DESC = "Last User: Description" +EL_LINKINFO_LASTCH_USER_FULLNAME = "Last User: Full name" +EL_LINKINFO_LASTCH_USER_MAIL = "Last User: E-Mail" +EL_LINKINFO_LASTCH_USER_TEL = "Last User: Telephone number" +EL_LINKINFO_LASTCH_USER_USERNAME = "Last User: Username" +EL_LINKINFO_MIME-TYPE = "Mime-Type" +EL_LINKINFO_WIDTH = "Width" +EL_LINK_LINK = "Link to anchors" +EL_LINK_NONE = "All" +EL_LINK_PAGE = "Link to pages" +EL_LIST_DESC = "The list element contains 1 ore more pages. With this element you can put more page into one together" +EL_LIST = "List" +EL_LONGTEXT_DESC = "A long text is text with more than 1 line" +EL_LONGTEXT = "Long text" +EL_NUMBER_DESC = "The number element contains numeric values" +EL_NUMBER = "Number" +EL_PROP_ALL_LANGUAGES = "All languages" +EL_PROP_ALL_LANGUAGES_DESC = "The content is equal in all languages" +EL_PROP_CODE_DESC = "Hint: Take a look at the API-Documentation of this class. Be sure to only use the Methods from this class, never <tt>echo</tt> or <tt>print</tt>!" +EL_PROP_CODE = "PHP Code" +EL_PROP_DATEFORMAT = "Date format" +EL_PROP_DATEFORMAT_DESC = "Format of the date. Inform your adminOCistrator if you need other formats<br/>(Hint: This formats are defined in the file <tt>dateformat.ini.php</tt>)" +EL_PROP_DECIMALS = "Count of decimal points" +EL_PROP_DECIMALS_DESC = "Count of decimal points" +EL_PROP_DEC_POINT = "decimal point" +EL_PROP_DEC_POINT_DESC = "Char of the decimal point, f.e. '.' or ',', or empty" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_FOLDEROBJECT_DESC = "The linked object can be choosed out of this folder. The Select-list will be much clearer with a useful setting here." +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_FOLDEROBJECT = "Highest directory" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_LONGTEXT = "Default Text" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_LONGTEXT_DESC = "This text is used if the element is empty" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_OBJECT = "Default object" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_OBJECT_DESC = "Default object" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_TEXT = "Default text" +EL_PROP_DEFAULT_TEXT_DESC = "This text is used if the element is empty" +EL_PROP_DYNAMIC_PARAMETERS_DESC = "You can set parameters for this dynamic element" +EL_PROP_DYNAMIC_PARAMETERS = "Parameter" +EL_PROP_DYN_PARAM_DESC = "no Description" +EL_PROP_DYN_PARAM = "Parameters" +EL_PROP_FORMAT = "Format" +EL_PROP_HTML_DESC = "Allow writing raw HTML tags." +EL_PROP_HTML = "HTML on" +EL_PROP_RAW = "Simple text" +EL_PROP_SELECT_ITEMS_DESC = "Here are values explained out of the author is able to select values." +EL_PROP_SELECT_ITEMS = "Selectbox Default Values" +EL_PROP_THOUSAND_SEP_DESC = "Darstellung der Tausender-Stelle als Zeichenkette, z.B. '.', oder leer" +EL_PROP_THOUSAND_SEP = "thousand-char" +EL_PROP_WIKI_DESC = "Use wiki quickformat" +EL_PROP_WIKI = "<em>Wiki</em> Quick formatting" +EL_PROP_WIKIHTML = "Wiki-like Formatting, HTML is allowed" +EL_PROP_WITH_ICON_DESC = "In edit mode a icon is shown before the value" +EL_PROP_WITH_ICON = "with edit icon" +EL_PROP_WRITABLE_DESC = "Check this, so the element value can be changed" +EL_PROP_WRITABLE = "writable" +EL_SELECT_DESC = "The value is given by the author out of an list" +EL_SELECT = "Selectbox" +EL_TEXT_DESC = "The textfield is used for one line texts up to 255 letters" +EL_TEXT = "Text field" +EMPTY=Empty +ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED = "Access denied" +ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED_DESC = "You do not have enough rights to access the selected object." +ERROR_DESC = "An unspecified error occurered. Please inform your administrator." +ERROR_DESTDIR_NOT_WRITEABLE = "The local file directory is not writable." +ERROR_FTP_CANNOT_CONNECT_TO_SERVER = "The FTP-Server is not available." +ERROR_FTP_CANNOT_LOGIN = "The Login on the FTP-Server failed." +ERROR_FTP_CANNOT_PASV_OFF = "The FTP-Server is unaible to switch off passive mode." +ERROR_FTP_CANNOT_PASV_ON = "The FTP-Server is unaible to switch off passive mode." +ERROR_FTP = "Error while FTP-Transfer" +ERROR_FTP_UNABLE_TO_CHDIR = "The FTP-Server could not select the directory." +ERROR_LOGIN_BROKEN_SSL_CERT = "Login was denied, because your SSL-certificat is invalid." +ERROR_NO_PROJECT = "no project available." +ERROR_NOT_A_FOLDER = "object is not a directory" +ERROR = "Technischer Fehler" +ERROR_USER_PW_DESC = "The password could not be changed" +ERROR_USER_PW = "The password could not be changed" +EXAMPLE=Example +EXAMPLE = "Example" +EXPORT_DESC = "Use the export for copying files to the server" +EXPORT = "Export" +FILE_DELETE_DESC = "Removing the file" +FILE_EXTENSION = "File extension" +FILE_IMAGE_FORMAT ="Image format" +FILE_IMAGE_HEIGHT = "Height" +FILE_IMAGE_JPEG_COMPRESSION ="JPEG Quality" +FILE_IMAGE_NEW_HEIGHT = "New height" +FILE_IMAGE_NEW_SIZE="New image size" +FILE_IMAGE_NEW_WIDTH_HEIGHT = "New Width and height" +FILE_IMAGE_NEW_WIDTH = "New width" +FILE_IMAGE_RESIZE = "Change size" +FILE_IMAGE_RESIZE_DESC ="Change the image size, give the new width and size in pixels<br/><em>Hint:</em> Input only width <strong>or</strong> Height for not touching the format. If you only want to change the format, leave both fields empty." +FILE_IMAGE_SIZE_FACTOR="New size in relation" +FILE_MAX_SIZE="Maximum file size" +FILE_MAX_SIZE = "Maximum filesize" +FILE_MIMETYPE = Mime-Type +FILENAME_DESC = "Filename, which is used for generating the file. A automatically correction with respect to RFC 2396 will be done. Max 255 characters" +FILENAME = Filename +FILE_NO_DELETE_BECAUSE_LINKED ="<em>Notice:</em>: This file cannot be removed, because it is used by some pages." +FILE_PAGES_DESC ="Following Pages are linking to this file:" +FILE_PAGES = "Reverse-Linked Pages" +FILE_REPLACE_DESC ="You are able to replace this file with a file from your harddisc<br/><em>Hint:</em>All Links to this page are untouched" +FILE_REPLACE = "Replace" +FILE_SIZE = "Size" +FILETYPE_ODF =OpenDocument format +FILETYPE_PLAINTEXT =Simple plain text +FILE_UPLOAD_DESC ="" +FOLDER_FLIP = "Flip order" +FOLDER_FLIP_MARK = "Change checkboxes" +FOLDER_FLIP_MARK = "Flip selected" +FOLDER_MARK_ALL = "++" +FOLDER_MARK_ALL = "Mark all" +FOLDER_NEW_FILE = "New file" +FOLDER_NEW_FOLDER = "New directory" +FOLDER_NEW_LINK = "New link" +FOLDER_NEW_PAGE = "New page" +FOLDER_ORDERBYLASTCHANGE = "Sort entrys by the date of the last change" +FOLDER_ORDERBYNAME = "Sort entrys by name" +FOLDER_ORDERBYTYPE = "Sort entrys by type" +FOLDER_ORDER = "Order" +FOLDER_ROOT_DESC = "Root directory of the project. It contains all values." +FOLDER_ROOT = "Root directory" +FOLDER_SELECT_ARCHIVE = "Archive in TAR" +FOLDER_SELECT_ARCHIVE_HELP = "Archive selected files into a TAR file" +FOLDER_SELECT_COPY = Copy to ... +FOLDER_SELECT_COPY_HELP = Copy selected objects into another folder +FOLDER_SELECT_DELETE_COMMIT = Commit delete +FOLDER_SELECT_DELETE = Delete +FOLDER_SELECT_DELETE_HELP = "Delete selected objects in next step" +FOLDER_SELECT_LINK_HELP ="Link selected objects" +FOLDER_SELECT_LINK ="Link to ..." +FOLDER_SELECT_MOVE_HELP = "Move selected objects" +FOLDER_SELECT_MOVE = "Move to ..." +FOLDER_SELECT_TARGET_FOLDER_HELP = "Target folder" +FOLDER_SELECT_TARGET_FOLDER = "Target folder" +FOLDER_SUBFOLDER = Subdirectory +FOLDER_UNMARK_ALL = "--" +GLOBAL_ACTION = "Action" +GLOBAL_ACTIVE = "active" +GLOBAL_ADD = "Add" +GLOBAL_ADMINISTRATION = "Administration" +GLOBAL_ALL =All +GLOBAL_ALL_LANGUAGES = "All languages" +GLOBAL_ARCHIVE =Archive +GLOBAL_ARCHIVE_DESC = "All archived values of this element." +GLOBAL_CHANGE = "Change" +GLOBAL_CLEAN_AFTER_PUBLISH = "Cleanup target directory and remove old files in it." +GLOBAL_CLIPBOARD = Ablage +GLOBAL_COMMENT = "comment" +GLOBAL_COMMON = Common +GLOBAL_COMPARE ="Compare" +GLOBAL_COPY = Copy +GLOBAL_COPY_OF = "Copy of" +GLOBAL_CREATED = created +GLOBAL_DATABASE = "Database" +GLOBAL_DAY = Day +GLOBAL_DAYS = Days +GLOBAL_DEFAULT = Standard +GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TEXT = "Default text" +GLOBAL_DELETE = "Delete" +GLOBAL_DELETED = "Object was deleted" +GLOBAL_DESCRIPTION = Description +GLOBAL_DIFFERENCES_DESC ="Show differences between 2 Revisions" +GLOBAL_DIFFERENCES ="Differences" +GLOBAL_DOWN = down +GLOBAL_ELEMENT = Template-Element +GLOBAL_EXTENSIONS =Extensions +GLOBAL_FILE = File +GLOBAL_FILENAME_DESC = "Filename, which will be used for generating. Will automatically checked against RFC 2396 (max. 255 chars)." +GLOBAL_FILENAME = Filename +GLOBAL_FILES = Files +GLOBAL_FILE_TRANSFER_DESC = "Import multiple file into the media database" +GLOBAL_FILE_TRANSFER = "File transfer" +GLOBAL_FOLDER_DESC ="A Directory may contain other directories, pages, files and links." +GLOBAL_FOLDER = Directory +GLOBAL_FORMAT = Format +GLOBAL_FULL_FILENAME = "Complete Filename" +GLOBAL_FULL_FILENAME_DESC = "Full Filename, which is used while publishing" +GLOBAL_GPL = "The software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.<br/>This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions." +GLOBAL_GROUP = "Group" +GLOBAL_GROUPS = "Groups" +GLOBAL_HIDETREE ="Hide tree" +GLOBAL_HOUR = Hour +GLOBAL_HOURS = Houres +GLOBAL_ICON = "Edit-icon" +GLOBAL_ID = "ID" +GLOBAL_INACTIVE = "not active" +GLOBAL_INDEX="OpenRat" +GLOBAL_INDEX = "OpenRat" +GLOBAL_IS_DEFAULT = "Is default" +GLOBAL_KEY ="Key" +GLOBAL_LANGAUGE ="Language" +GLOBAL_LANGUAGES_DESC = "All content can be created in several languages" +GLOBAL_LANGUAGES = "Languages" +GLOBAL_LANGUAGE = Sprache +GLOBAL_LASTCHANGE = "Last Change" +GLOBAL_LINK = "Shortcut" +GLOBAL_LINK_TO = "Shortcut to" +GLOBAL_LISTING = "List" +GLOBAL_LOGIN = "Login" +GLOBAL_LOG = Log +GLOBAL_MAKE_DEFAULT = "Set to standard" +GLOBAL_MINUTE = Minute +GLOBAL_MINUTES = Minutes +GLOBAL_MODEL = "Model" +GLOBAL_MODELS_DESC = "With models you may do more views of an project, f.e. an HTML and an WML-Model." +GLOBAL_MODELS = "Models" +GLOBAL_MONTH = Month +GLOBAL_MONTHS = Months +GLOBAL_MOVE = "Move" +GLOBAL_MUCH_TIME = "Hint: This can take much time. Do not abort while loading the page." +GLOBAL_NAME_DESC = "Logical Name of this object. Can contain any chars (max. 255 chars)" +GLOBAL_NAME = Name +GLOBAL_NEW ="New" +GLOBAL_NO_ARCHIVE_DESC = "For this element is no archive available." +GLOBAL_NO_ARCHIVE = "No archive" +GLOBAL_NO_DESCRIPTION_AVAILABLE ="No description available :(" +GLOBAL_NO_DIFFERENCES_FOUND ="No differences found" +GLOBAL_NOPUBLISH_DESC ="All publishing functions are deactivated at the moment." +GLOBAL_NOPUBLISH ="Publishing not available" +GLOBAL_NO_TEMPLATES_AVAILABLE_DESC = "Hint: There are no templates available." +GLOBAL_NOT_FOUND = "not found" +GLOBAL_NOTICES ="Notice" +GLOBAL_NOT_LOGGED_IN = "not logged in" +GLOBAL_NOW = "Now" +GLOBAL_NR ="No." +GLOBAL_OR ="or" +GLOBAL_OTHER_DESC = "File transfer, search for objects" +GLOBAL_OTHER ="Other Stuff" +GLOBAL_PAGEELEMENT = "Page element" +GLOBAL_PAGE = "Page" +GLOBAL_PAGES ="Pages" +GLOBAL_PHP =Interpreter +GLOBAL_PLEASE_LOGIN = "Please log in" +GLOBAL_PREFS = "Preferences" +GLOBAL_PROFILE = "User profile" +GLOBAL_PROJECT = "Project" +GLOBAL_PROJECTS = Projects +GLOBAL_PROP = "Properties" +GLOBAL_PUBLIC = "public" +GLOBAL_PUBLISH = "publish" +GLOBAL_PUBLISH_WITH_SUBDIRS = "publish with subdirectories" +GLOBAL_READONLY_DESC ="The System is in read-only mode. You cannot save any data!" +GLOBAL_READONLY ="Read-only mode" +GLOBAL_REFRESH = "Refresh" +GLOBAL_REGISTER_DESC = "Feel free to register now." +GLOBAL_REGISTER = "Register" +GLOBAL_RELEASE_DESC = "Release value for publishing" +GLOBAL_RELEASE = "Release content" +GLOBAL_REMOVE = "remove" +GLOBAL_RENAME = "Rename" +GLOBAL_REPLACE ="Replace" +GLOBAL_SAVE = "Save" +GLOBAL_SEARCH_DESC = "In big projects you can search for objects by several attributes like name,id,..." +GLOBAL_SEARCH = "Search" +GLOBAL_SECOND = Second +GLOBAL_SECONDS = Seconds +GLOBAL_SELECTED = "selected" +GLOBAL_SELECT ="Select" +GLOBAL_SEND_PASSWORD_DESC = "If you have forgotten your password, request a new one." +GLOBAL_SEND_PASSWORD = "Forgotten password" +GLOBAL_SETTINGS = "Settings" +GLOBAL_SHOW =Show +GLOBAL_SHOWTREE ="Show tree" +GLOBAL_STATE = State +GLOBAL_SYSTEM =System +GLOBAL_TEMPLATES_DESC = "Edit the templates" +GLOBAL_TEMPLATES = "Templates" +GLOBAL_TEMPLATE = "Template" +GLOBAL_TIME = Time +GLOBAL_TODAY = "Today" +GLOBAL_TO = to +GLOBAL_TRANSFER = "Transfer" +GLOBAL_TYPE = Type +GLOBAL_UNDO = "Undo" +GLOBAL_UNKNOWN_TEXT = "no text available" +GLOBAL_UNKNOWN = "unknown" +GLOBAL_UPLOAD = Upload +GLOBAL_UP = up +GLOBAL_USE_DESC = "Use this value for editing." +GLOBAL_USERS = "Users" +GLOBAL_USER = "User" +GLOBAL_USE ="Use" +GLOBAL_VALUE = "Content" +GLOBAL_WITH ="with" +GLOBAL_YEARS = Years +GLOBAL_YEAR = Year +GROUP_DELETE_DESC = "Delete the group. All rights and memberships will be lost!" +GROUP_MEMBERSHIPS = Membershipss +HELP_DATE_ANSIDATE = "you can input the date in ANSI-format" +HELP_DATE = "Please choose a date as value" +HELP = "Help" +HELP_LANGUAGE_DELETE = "Remove this language.<strong>Be careful</strong>, all Content of this language will be lost!" +HELP_LONGTEXT_WIKI = "In this textelement you can use text quickformatting" +HTTP_REALM="Please login" +HTTP_URL = "HTTP-Url" +IFEMPTY ="If_Element_is_empty" +IFNOTEMPTY ="If_Element_NOT_empty" +IMAGE = "Image" +IMAGE_NEW_SIZE = "New Imagesize" +IMAGE_OLD_SIZE = "Old Imagesize" +INHERIT_RIGHTS = "Reset rights in all Sub-objects and inherit the inheritable rights from this folder." +IS_NO="No" +ISOCODE = "ISO Code" +IS_YES="Yes" +LANGUAGE_ISOCODE = "ISO Code" +LASTCHANGE_USER = "Last User" +LAST_MONTH = "Last Month" +LAST_YEAR = "Last Year" +LINK = "Link" +LINK_TARGET ="Link target" +LINK_URL = "linked URL" +LIST_ENTRY_EMPTY="Not selected" +LOGIN_NOLOGIN_DESC ="Login is disabled at the moment." +LOGO_CHANGEMAIL =E-Mail address change +LOGO_CHANGEMAIL_TEXT = Your new E-Mail adress has to be committed. You will get an e-mail with a commit number in it. After entering this code your new address will be saved. +LOGO_CHANGEPASSWORD =Change password +LOGO_CHANGEPASSWORD_TEXT =Change your password +LOGO_LOGIN =Anmeldung +LOGO_LOGIN_TEXT =To login, you need an user account. Please check for case sensitives. +LOGO_PASSWORD =Lost password? +LOGO_PASSWORD_TEXT =If you have forgotten your password, feel free to request a new one. +LOGO_PROJECTMENU =Select project +LOGO_PROJECTMENU_TEXT =Please select a project. +LOGO_REGISTER =Registration +LOGO_REGISTER_TEXT =If you do not have an user account, then feel free to register now. You need an E-Mail account, to which a registration code is sent. +MAIL_CODE = "Confirmation code" +MAIL_SUBJECT_MAIL_CHANGE_CODE ="Change of your E-Mail adress" +MAIL_SUBJECT_PASSWORD_COMMIT_CODE =Password change request +MAIL_SUBJECT_PASSWORD_NEW =New password +MAIL_SUBJECT_REGISTER_COMMIT_CODE =Your registration code +MAIL_SUBJECT_USER_MAIL = "Your password" +MAIL_TEXT_MAIL_CHANGE_CODE ="Hello {name},;;Enter the following code to verify your e-Mail-adress:;;Code: {code};;Please copy this number an paste it into the input field.;;if you do not know where this mail comes from, please ignore it." +MAIL_TEXT_PASSWORD_COMMIT_CODE ="Hello {name};;your code for requesting a new password is: {code};;Please insert this number into the input field.;;If you have not request a new password, please ignore this e-mail. In this case, your password will stay unchanged.;;Thank you." +MAIL_TEXT_PASSWORD_NEW ="Hello {name};;your new password: {password};;Please note this password at a secure place and delete this mail.;;Thank you." +MAIL_TEXT_REGISTER_COMMIT_CODE ="Hello,;;you (or another person) has requested a registration code.;;Your registration code: {code}.;;Please insert this number into the input field.;;Thank you." +MAIL_TEXT_USER_MAIL = "Hello {name},;;Your account details for login in OpenRat Content Management System are the following.;;Login: {username};Password: {password};;Thank you." +MAKE_DEFAULT = "set to default" +MENU_ADD_DESC = "Add new" +MENU_ADD = New +MENU_CONTENT =Content +MENU_CONTENT_DESC = "Content" +MENU_CREATE_DESC = "Create a new object in this directory" +MENU_CREATE_KEY = N +MENU_CREATE = New +MENU_EDIT_DESC = "Edit content" +MENU_EDIT = Edit +MENU_EDIT_KEY = B +MENU_EL_DESC = "List of all elements" +MENU_EL = Elements +MENU_ELEMENT_EDIT_DESC = Edit all properties of the element +MENU_ELEMENT_EDIT = Edit element +MENU_ELEMENT_NAME_DESC =Edit the element name +MENU_ELEMENT_NAME =Name +MENU_ELEMENT_PROPERTIES_DESC =Properties of element +MENU_ELEMENT_PROPERTIES =Properties +MENU_ELEMENT_REMOVE_DESC =Remove the element +MENU_ELEMENT_REMOVE =Remove +MENU_ELEMENT_TYPE_DESC =Change element-type +MENU_ELEMENT_TYPE =Type +MENU_EL_KEY = L +MENU_FILE_ACLFORM =Add +MENU_FILE_ACLFORM_DESC =Add a right to this file +MENU_FILE_COMPRESS =Compress +MENU_FILE_COMPRESS_DESC =Compress this file +MENU_FILE_DECOMPRESS =Decompress +MENU_FILE_DECOMPRESS_DESC =Decompress this file +MENU_FILE_EDIT_DESC ="Replace this file with another" +MENU_FILE_EDIT ="Ersetzen" +MENU_FILE_EDITVALUE_DESC =Edit value +MENU_FILE_EDITVALUE =Edit value +MENU_FILE_EXTRACT_DESC =Extract this archive +MENU_FILE_EXTRACT =Extract +MENU_FILE_PROP_DESC =Edit Properties of this file +MENU_FILE_PROP =Edit properties +MENU_FILE_PUB_DESC ="Publish file" +MENU_FILE_PUB ="Publish" +MENU_FILE_REMOVE =Remove file +MENU_FILE_RIGHTS_DESC =Show rights of this file +MENU_FILE_RIGHTS =Rights +MENU_FILE_SHOWPROP_DESC =Show properties of this file +MENU_FILE_SHOWPROP =Show +MENU_FILE_SIZE_DESC =Change the image size +MENU_FILE_SIZE =Image size +MENU_FILE_UNCOMPRESS = "Decompress" +MENU_FILE_UNCOMPRESS_DESC = "Decompress file" +MENU_FILE_UPLOAD_DESC =Replace this existent file +MENU_FILE_UPLOAD =Upload +MENU_FOLDER_ACLFORM =Add right +MENU_FOLDER_ACLFORM_DESC =Add a right to this folder +MENU_FOLDER_CREATE_DESC=Create a directory, page, file oder anchor +MENU_FOLDER_CREATEFILE_DESC =Upload a new file to server +MENU_FOLDER_CREATEFILE =New file +MENU_FOLDER_CREATEFOLDER_DESC =Add a new subfolder to this folder +MENU_FOLDER_CREATEFOLDER =New subfolder +MENU_FOLDER_CREATELINK_DESC =Add a new link in this folder +MENU_FOLDER_CREATELINK =New link +MENU_FOLDER_CREATE=New +MENU_FOLDER_CREATEPAGE_DESC =Create a new page in this folder +MENU_FOLDER_CREATEPAGE =New page +MENU_FOLDER_NEW =Create a new object +MENU_FOLDER_ORDER_DESC ="Re-Order the objects in this folder" +MENU_FOLDER_ORDER ="Order" +MENU_FOLDER_PROP_DESC =Edit Properties +MENU_FOLDER_PROP =Properties +MENU_FOLDER_PUB_DESC ="Publish Folder" +MENU_FOLDER_PUB ="Publish" +MENU_FOLDER_REMOVE_DESC =Remove this folder +MENU_FOLDER_REMOVE =Remove +MENU_FOLDER_RIGHTS_DESC =Show rights +MENU_FOLDER_RIGHTS =Rights +MENU_FOLDER_SELECT_DESC ="Select contents" +MENU_FOLDER_SELECT ="Select" +MENU_FOLDER_SHOW_DESC ="Show content of directory" +MENU_FOLDER_SHOWPROP_DESC =Show properties +MENU_FOLDER_SHOWPROP =Show +MENU_FOLDER_SHOW ="Value" +MENU_FORM_DESC = "Form for all elements" +MENU_FORM = Form +MENU_FORM_KEY = F +MENU_GROUP_ADD ="Add" +MENU_GROUP_ADD_DESC ="Add a group" +MENU_GROUP_ADDUSER ="Add" +MENU_GROUP_ADDUSER_DESC ="Add a new user in this group" +MENU_GROUP_EDIT_DESC ="Edit the name of this group" +MENU_GROUP_EDIT ="Edit" +MENU_GROUP_LISTING_DESC ="Show all groups" +MENU_GROUP_LISTING ="List" +MENU_GROUP_REMOVE_DESC ="Remove group" +MENU_GROUP_REMOVE ="Remove" +MENU_GROUP_RIGHTS_DESC=View or edit the Rights of this group +MENU_GROUP_RIGHTS=Rights +MENU_GROUPS_DESC = "Add or remove groups" +MENU_GROUPS = "Memberships" +MENU_GROUP_USERS_DESC ="User in this group" +MENU_GROUP_USERS ="Memberships" +MENU_HELP_DESC=Online help +MENU_HELP=Help +MENU_IMPORT_DESC ="Copy files from local folder to a CMS-folder" +MENU_IMPORT ="Import" +MENU_INDEX_ADMINISTRATION ="Administration" +MENU_INDEX_ADMINISTRATION_DESC ="Manage projects, user and groups" +MENU_INDEX_APPLICATIONS="Applications" +MENU_INDEX_APPLICATIONS_DESC="Start other Applications" +MENU_INDEX_CHANGEPASSWORD ="Change password" +MENU_INDEX_CHANGEPASSWORD_DESC ="Change your password" +MENU_INDEX_LOGIN ="Zhùcè" +MENU_INDEX_LOGOUT_DESC ="Cóng zhège shēnqǐng zhùxiāo." +MENU_INDEX_LOGOUT ="Zhùxiāo" +MENU_INDEX_MENU ="Xuǎnzé xiàngmù" +MENU_INDEX_PASSWORD_DESC ="If you do not know your password, you can get it via mail." +MENU_INDEX_PASSWORD ="Wàngjì mìmǎ" +MENU_INDEX_PROJECTMENU_DESC ="Xuǎnzé yīgè xiàngmù, nín xīwàng yǔ" +MENU_INDEX_PROJECTMENU ="Xuǎnzé xiàngmù" +MENU_INDEX_REGISTER_DESC ="You must be a registered user to use this application." +MENU_INDEX_REGISTER ="Register now" +MENU_INDEX_SHOWLOGIN_DESC ="Zhùcè." +MENU_INDEX_SHOWLOGIN = "Zhùcè" +MENU_LANGUAGE_ADD =Add +MENU_LANGUAGE_ADD_DESC = Add Language +MENU_LANGUAGE_ADVANCED=Advanced +MENU_LANGUAGE_ADVANCED_DESC="Edit all properties of this language" +MENU_LANGUAGE_EDIT_DESC = Edit language +MENU_LANGUAGE_EDIT =Edit +MENU_LANGUAGE_LISTING_DESC =List all languages +MENU_LANGUAGE_LISTING =List +MENU_LANGUAGE_REMOVE_DESC = Remove language +MENU_LANGUAGE_REMOVE =Remove +MENU_LINK_ACLFORM =Add right +MENU_LINK_ACLFORM_DESC =Add a right to this link +MENU_LINK_EDIT_DESC = "Edit target" +MENU_LINK_EDIT =Edit target +MENU_LINK_PROP_DESC = Edit properties of link +MENU_LINK_PROP =Properties +MENU_LINK_RIGHTS_DESC =Show all rights of this link +MENU_LINK_RIGHTS =Rights +MENU_LINK_SHOWPROP_DESC = Show properties of link +MENU_LINK_SHOWPROP =View +MENU_LISTING_DESC ="List" +MENU_LISTING_KEY ="L" +MENU_LISTING =List +MENU_MEMBERSHIPS_DESC = "Edit the memberships in groups" +MENU_MEMBERSHIPS = "Memberships" +MENU_MODEL_ADD = "Add" +MENU_MODEL_ADD_DESC = "Add model" +MENU_MODEL_EDIT_DESC = "Edit this project model" +MENU_MODEL_EDIT = "Edit" +MENU_MODEL_LISTING_DESC = Show a list of all project models +MENU_MODEL_LISTING =List +MENU_MODEL_REMOVE_DESC = "Remove model" +MENU_MODEL_REMOVE = "Remove" +MENU_PAGE_ACLFORM =Add right +MENU_PAGE_ACLFORM_DESC =Add a right to this page +MENU_PAGE_CHANGETEMPLATE_DESC =Replace the template of this page +MENU_PAGE_CHANGETEMPLATE =Replace the template +MENU_PAGE_EL_DESC =Show all elements of this page +MENU_PAGE_EL =Edit all +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_ADVANCED =Advanced +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_ADVANCED_DESC =Advanced editor +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_ARCHIVE =Archive +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_ARCHIVE_DESC =Archive view of this pageelement +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_EDIT_DESC =Edit +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_EDIT =Edit +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_EXPORT_DESC = Export content into local file +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_EXPORT =Export +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_IMPORT_DESC =Import value from local file +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_IMPORT =Import +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_LINK_DESC="Link the value of another page" +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_LINK_DESC = "Link value of an other page." +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_LINK="Link" +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_LINK = "Link" +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_PROP_DESC="Properties" +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_PROP="Properties" +MENU_PAGE_ELEMENTS =Elements of this page +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_SHOW_DESC =View text value +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_SHOWLONGTEXT_DESC = View text content +MENU_PAGEELEMENT_SHOW =View +MENU_PAGE_FORM_DESC =Edit all elements of this page in one formular +MENU_PAGE_FORM =Edit +MENU_PAGE_PROP_DESC =Edit properties of this page +MENU_PAGE_PROP =Properties +MENU_PAGE_PUB_DESC ="Publish this page" +MENU_PAGE_PUB ="Publish" +MENU_PAGE_RIGHTS_DESC =See rights of this page +MENU_PAGE_RIGHTS =Rights +MENU_PAGE_SHOWPROP_DESC =See the properties of this page +MENU_PAGE_SHOWPROP =View +MENU_PAGE_SRC_DESC = Show source +MENU_PAGE_SRC = Source +MENU_PHPINFO_DESC="Show some informations about the server system" +MENU_PHPINFO = "System info" +MENU_PROFILE_EDIT_DESC = "Edit your personal settings" +MENU_PROFILE_EDIT = "Profile" +MENU_PROFILE_GROUPS_DESC=Memberships in Groups +MENU_PROFILE_GROUPS=Groups +MENU_PROFILE_MAIL_DESC = "Change E-Mail" +MENU_PROFILE_MAIL = "E-Mail" +MENU_PROFILE_PWCHANGE_DESC = "Change your password" +MENU_PROFILE_PWCHANGE = "Password" +MENU_PROFILE_SETTINGS_DESC = "Edit your user settings" +MENU_PROFILE_SETTINGS = "Settings" +MENU_PROJECT_ADD_DESC = "Add new project" +MENU_PROJECT_ADD = "New" +MENU_PROJECT_EDIT_DESC = "Edit the project settings" +MENU_PROJECT_EDIT = "Settings" +MENU_PROJECT_EXPORT_DESC = "Export" +MENU_PROJECT_EXPORT = "Export" +MENU_PROJECT_INFO_DESC="Show advanced project informations" +MENU_PROJECT_INFO="Info" +MENU_PROJECT_LIST =All projects +MENU_PROJECT_LISTING_DESC =View all projects +MENU_PROJECT_LISTING = "List" +MENU_PROJECT_MAINTENANCE_DESC = "Maintenance" +MENU_PROJECT_MAINTENANCE = "Maintenance" +MENU_PROJECT_REMOVE_DESC = "Remove the project and all content" +MENU_PROJECT_REMOVE = "Remove" +MENU_PROP_DESC = "Edit the Properties of this object" +MENU_PROP_KEY = E +MENU_PROP = Properties +MENU_PUB_DESC = "Publish this object in the internet" +MENU_PUB_KEY = V +MENU_PUB = "Publish" +MENU_PW_DESC = "Change user password" +MENU_PW = Password +MENU_RIGHTS_DESC = "grant or revoke rights" +MENU_RIGHTS_KEY = X +MENU_RIGHTS = Rights +MENU_SEARCH_CONTENT = "Content" +MENU_SEARCH_CONTENT_DESC ="Search for a value" +MENU_SEARCH_PROP_DESC = "Search for a property" +MENU_SEARCH_PROP="Property" +MENU_SEARCH_PROP = "Property" +MENU_SHOW_DESC = "Show the contents of this object" +MENU_SHOW_KEY = "V" +MENU_SHOW = "View" +MENU_SRC_DESC = "Show sourcecode of page" +MENU_SRC_KEY = Q +MENU_SRC = Source +MENU_TEMPLATE_ADD =Add +MENU_TEMPLATE_ADD_DESC =Add a new template +MENU_TEMPLATE_ADDEL =Add +MENU_TEMPLATE_ADDEL_DESC =Add an element +MENU_TEMPLATE_EDIT_DESC =Edit +MENU_TEMPLATE_EDIT =Edit +MENU_TEMPLATE_EL_DESC =All Elemente of the template +MENU_TEMPLATE_EL =Elements +MENU_TEMPLATE_EXTENSION_DESC =Edit the extension +MENU_TEMPLATE_EXTENSION =Extension +MENU_TEMPLATE_LISTING =All templates +MENU_TEMPLATE_LISTING_DESC =View all Templates +MENU_TEMPLATE_NAME_DESC =Edit the template name +MENU_TEMPLATE_NAME =Name +MENU_TEMPLATE_PAGES_DESC=Related pages +MENU_TEMPLATE_PAGES=Pages +MENU_TEMPLATE_PROP =Edit properties +MENU_TEMPLATE_REMOVE =Delete +MENU_TEMPLATE_REMOVE_DESC =Delete template +MENU_TEMPLATE_SRC_DESC =Edit the sourcecode +MENU_TEMPLATE_SRCELEMENT =Add element +MENU_TEMPLATE_SRCELEMENT_DESC =Add an element +MENU_TEMPLATE_SRC =Source +MENU_TITLE_ELEMENT_EDIT =Edit Element +MENU_TITLE_FILE_EDIT ="Edit file" +MENU_TITLE_FILE_PROP =Properties of file +MENU_TITLE_FILE_PUB ="Publish file" +MENU_TITLE_FILE_RIGHTS="File-Rights" +MENU_TITLE_FOLDER_NEW="Create new folder, page, anchor" +MENU_TITLE_FOLDER_PROP ="Proptery" +MENU_TITLE_FOLDER_PUB ="Publish folder" +MENU_TITLE_FOLDER_RIGHTS = Rights +MENU_TITLE_FOLDER_SHOW ="Folder" +MENU_TITLE_GROUP_EDIT ="Edit group" +MENU_TITLE_GROUP_LISTING ="Group overview" +MENU_TITLE_GROUP_MEMBERSHIPS ="Group memberships" +MENU_TITLE_GROUP_RIGHTS=Group-rights +MENU_TITLE_GROUP_USERS ="Memberships in groups" +MENU_TITLE_INDEX_LOGIN = Login +MENU_TITLE_INDEX_MENU = Select +MENU_TITLE_LANGUAGE_EDIT =Edit language +MENU_TITLE_LANGUAGE_LISTING =List of languages +MENU_TITLE_LINK_EDIT =edit link +MENU_TITLE_LINK_PROP =Properties +MENU_TITLE_LINK_RIGHTS =Rights +MENU_TITLE_MODEL_EDIT = Edit Model +MENU_TITLE_MODEL_LISTING = List of project models +MENU_TITLE_PAGEELEMENT_EDIT="Edit pageelement" +MENU_TITLE_PAGE_ELEMENTS = Elements of page +MENU_TITLE_PAGE_PROP = Properties +MENU_TITLE_PAGE_PUB ="Publish page" +MENU_TITLE_PAGE_RIGHTS =Rights +MENU_TITLE_PAGE_SRC =Source of page +MENU_TITLE_PROFILE_EDIT =Profile +MENU_TITLE_PROJECT_EDIT =Edit project +MENU_TITLE_PROJECT_LISTING =Project overview +MENU_TITLE_PROJECT_LIST = Project overview +MENU_TITLE_SEARCH_SEARCH="Search" +MENU_TITLE_TEMPLATE_EDIT =Template content +MENU_TITLE_TEMPLATE_EL =List of elements +MENU_TITLE_TEMPLATE_LISTING =List of templates +MENU_TITLE_TEMPLATE_PROP =Properties +MENU_TITLE_TREETITLE_PROJECT="Project" +MENU_TITLE_USER_EDIT =Edit user +MENU_TITLE_USER_GROUPS =Memberships +MENU_TITLE_USER_LISTING = List of users +MENU_TITLE_USER_MEMBERSHIPS =Memberships +MENU_TITLE_USER_PW = Change password +MENU_TITLE_USER_RIGHTS = "Rights" +MENU_TREETITLE_ADMINISTRATION =Administration +MENU_TREETITLE_ADMINISTRATION_DESC =System administration +MENU_TREETITLE_PROJECTMENU_DESC =Select Project +MENU_TREETITLE_PROJECTMENU =Projects +MENU_USER_ADD =Add +MENU_USER_ADD_DESC = "Add new user" +MENU_USER_ADDGROUP =Add Group +MENU_USER_EDIT_DESC = "User profile" +MENU_USER_EDIT = "Profile" +MENU_USER_GROUPS_DESC =Memberships +MENU_USER_GROUPS = "Memberships" +MENU_USER_LISTING_DESC =User list +MENU_USER_LISTING =List +MENU_USER_PW_DESC = Change password +MENU_USER_PW =Password +MENU_USER_REMOVE_DESC = "Remove project" +MENU_USER_REMOVE =Remove +MENU_USER_RIGHTS_DESC="List all rights for this user" +MENU_USER_RIGHTS="Rights" +MENU_USERS_DESC = "Add or remove users" +MENU_USERS = "Memberships" +MODE_EDIT_CANCEL = "Cancel" +MODE_EDIT_CANCEL_DESC = "Cancel input" +MODE_EDIT_DESC = "Edit of data" +MODE_EDIT = "Edit" +MODE_SHOW_DESC = "Readonly-Mode" +MODE_SHOW = "Readonly" +NOTICE_ADDED = "was added" +NOTICE_ADMIN_NEEDS_NO_RIGHTS="Admins have rights to all objects. Because of this, these rights are ignored." +NOTICE_ADMIN_NO_PROJECTS_AVAILABLE ="There is no project available, please add a project in the administration-modus." +NOTICE_CANCELED = "Operation was canceled" +NOTICE_CANNOT_COPY_FOLDER = "Unable to copy directory (not implemented)" +NOTICE_CODE_DISABLED = "The dynamic code will not be executed in the actual environment." +NOTICE_CODE_NOT_MATCH = "Confirmation code is not valid." +NOTICE_COMMON_VALIDATION_EROR = "Please correct your input data" +NOTICE_COMMON_VALIDATION_ERROR = "Please correct your input data." +NOTICE_CONCURRENT_VALUE_CHANGE_NOT_SAVED="While your edit session another user has changed this content at {last_change_time}. Your changes where not saved." +NOTICE_CONCURRENT_VALUE_CHANGE="While your edit session another user has changed this content at {last_change_time}. Your changes where saved, but you should check the archive if the overwritten content should be merged." +NOTICE_COPIED = "was copied" +NOTICE_DATABASE_CONNECTION_ERROR = "The connection to the database could not be established." +NOTICE_DELETED = "was deleted" +NOTICE_DONE ="Finished successful" +NOTICE_ERROR = "An error occured" +NOTICE_GROUPS_MAY_CONFLICT_WITH_LDAP="The user-group-relations my conflict with the directory service. Memberships were synchronized at login time." +NOTICE_IMAGE_RESIZED = "The image was changed" +NOTICE_IMAGE_RESIZING_NOT_AVAILABLE="Image resizing is not available at the moment, please ensure, that the GD library is installed." +NOTICE_IMPORTED = "File was imported" +NOTICE_INPUT_NEW_IMAGE_SIZE = "Please enter the new image size, either a size factor or widht and height." +NOTICE_LINKED = "linked" +NOTICE_LOGIN_FAILED = "Login failed. The username ''{name}'' does not exist or the password is wrong." +NOTICE_LOGIN_FAILED_MUSTCHANGEPASSWORD = "The Login was denied, because your password has timed out. Please try to login again, but now together with an new password." +NOTICE_LOGIN_OK = "Hello {name}, you are signed in." +NOTICE_LOGIN_OPENID_FAILED="The login for {name} at Open-ID-Server failed." +NOTICE_MAIL_NOT_SENT = "The mail could not be sent." +NOTICE_MAIL_SENT = "The email was sent." +NOTICE_MAX_FILE_SIZE_EXCEEDED="The maximum filesize is exceeded" +NOTICE_MOVED ="was moved" +NOTICE_MUCH_TIME = "This action may take some time. Do not cancel loading of this page." +NOTICE_NO_DATABASE_CONFIGURATION="No configured database connection" +NOTICE_NO_PROJECTS_AVAILABLE ="There is no project available." +NOTICE_NO_TEMPLATES_AVAILABLE = "There are no templates. You are able to create a page, if there is at least 1 template." +NOTICE_NOTHING_DONE = "The operation could not be done." +NOTICE_NOT_SAVED = "not saved" +NOTICE_PAGE_WITH_TEMPLATE_EXIST = "There is already at least 1 page with this template, so this template cannot be removed." +NOTICE_PASSWORDCODE_NOT_MATCH = "The password code is not valid." +NOTICE_PASSWORD_MINLENGTH = "the password is too short. The password must have at least {minlength} chars." +NOTICE_PASSWORDS_DO_NOT_MATCH = "The passwords do not match." +NOTICE_PASSWORD_TIMEOUT = "Your password has timed out and must be changed." +NOTICE_PROP_SAVED = "Properties saved" +NOTICE_PUBLISHED_ERROR ="was not published." +NOTICE_PUBLISHED ="was published" +NOTICE_SAVED = "was saved" +NOTICE_SEQUENCE_CHANGED = "The sequence was changed" +NOTICE_USER_ADDED = "The user was added" +NOTICE_USER_ADDED_TO_GROUP = "The memberships of this group are updated, {count} users were added." +NOTICE_USER_ALREADY_IN_DATABASE = "The user is already there, please select another username." +NOTICE_VALUE_SAVED = "Content was saved" +OPENID="Open-ID" +OPENID_USER="Open-ID Username" +OPTIONS="Options" +PAGE_ARCHIVE_DESC = "Choose a Version to overtake the value" +PAGE_DELETE_DESC = "Remove this page. Attention: All values of this page are deleted!" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_EMPHATIC ="Mark text as emphatic (italic)" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_IMAGE ="Insert selected image" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_LINK ="link with selected page or file" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_LIST ="Insert a simple list" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_NUMLIST ="Insert a numbered list" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_STRONG ="Mark text as strong (bold)" +PAGE_EDITOR_ADD_TABLE ="Insert Table" +PAGE_ELEMENT_NAME = "Name of the element" +PAGE_ELEMENTS_DESC = "Choose an Element to edit" +PAGE_ELEMENT_VALUE = "Content" +PAGE_LONGTEXT_WIKI_DESC = "" +PAGE_PAGEELEMENT = "Page element" +PAGE_PAGEELEMENTS = "Page elements" +PAGE_PREVIEW ="Preview (do not save)" +PAGE_PUBLISH_AFTER_SAVE ="After saving publish the page" +PAGE_REPLACE_TEMPLATE_DESC ="Replace the template. Content can be copied in the next window." +PAGE_REPLACE_TEMPLATE ="Replace the template" +PAGE_SOURCE = "Sourcecode of page" +PAGE_TEMPLATE_NEW = "New Template" +PAGE_TEMPLATE_OLD = "Old Template" +PASSWORD_CODE =Code for reqesting a new password +PASSWORD_CODE_HELP ="You has received a code via e-mail. Please insert this code in this input field." +PREFERENCES = Settings +PROJECT_CHECK_FILES="Folder Integritycheck" +PROJECT_CHECK_LIMIT="Remove old values from archives" +PROJECT_CMD_AFTER_PUBLISH_DESC = "This command is executed after publishing.<br>The PHP-function <tt>exec()</tt> is used. The command <tt>escapeshellcmd()</tt> is not called!" +PROJECT_CMD_AFTER_PUBLISH = "Execute after publishing" +PROJECT_CONTENT_NEGOTIATION_DESC = "With Content Negotiation the webserver is able to automatically serve the correct language. The URLs are cutted by the language-id.<br/>Your webserver has to support this!<br/>If unsure, uncheck this." +PROJECT_CONTENT_NEGOTIATION = "Webserver is supporting <em>Content Negotiation</em>" +PROJECT_CUT_INDEX_DESC = "Links to files with filename <tt>index</tt> are cutted. This gives you more beautyul URLs :)<br/><em>Example:</em> http://server/inhalt/ instead of http://server/inhalt/index.html<br/>You can set this option without care." +PROJECT_CUT_INDEX = "remove index from URLs" +PROJECT_DELETE_DESC = "Delete the project. <strong>Attention</strong>, all values in this project are deleted unrecoverable!" +PROJECT_FOLDER = "Project folder" +PROJECT_FTP = "FTP" +PROJECT_FTP_PASSIVE_DESC = "Use passive FTP-Transfer.<br/>While using passive FTP-Transfer only the client is requesting connections. Some Firewalls need this option" +PROJECT_FTP_PASSIVE = "use passive FTP-Transfer" +PROJECT_FTP_URL_DESC = "FTP server, format: <tt>ftp://user:pw@hostname:port/path/.../path/</tt>.<br/>Leave this blank, if you are only generating local." +PROJECT_FTP_URL = "FTP-Server URL" +PROJECT_INFO_COUNT_OBJECTS="Objects count" +PROJECT_INFO_SUM_FILESIZE="Size of all files" +PROJECT_LOCAL_FOLDER_DESC = "A Directy in the local filesystem on the server, example: <tt>/home/user/dir</tt>(Unix) or <tt>c:/documents/dir</tt> (Windows)" +PROJECT_LOCAL_FOLDER = "Local directory" +PROJECT_LOCALPATH_DESC = "Local directory, format: <tt>/path/.../path/</tt>.<br/>Leave blank, if you are only publishing via FTP." +PROJECTMODEL_DELETE_DESC = "Delete this Project model, all templates are lost!" +PROJECT_NAME = "Project description" +PROJECT_SELECT_DESC = "Work in an other project" +PROJECT_TARGET_DIR = "Target Directory" +PROP_USERINFO = "User" +SEARCH_CONTENT = "Search for Content" +SEARCH_DESC="Searching in the project" +SEARCH_PROP = "Search for Property" +SEARCH_RESULT = "Search Summary" +SEARCH="Search" +SEARCH_TEMPLATE = "Search for template" +SESSION_EXPIRED="Your session has expired or your have insufficient rights for this action. Please login again." +SETTING_ALWAYS_EDIT = "If possible, open every form in edit mode" +SETTING_IGNORE_OK_NOTICES = "Ignore OK-Dialogmessages" +SETTING="Setting" +START_DESC="Start" +START = "Start" +TEMPLATE_DELETE_DESC = "Delete the template with all elements in it" +TEMPLATE_ELEMENT = Element +TEMPLATE_ELEMENTS = Elements +TEMPLATE_EXTENSION = "Extension of published pages" +TEMPLATE_NAME =Template-Name +TEMPLATE_SHOW = "Template View" +TEMPLATE_SOURCE = "Sourcecode of the template" +TEMPLATE_SRC_BEGIN ="Begin" +TEMPLATE_SRC_END ="End" +TEMPLATE_SRC_IFEMPTY ="If_Element_is_empty" +TEMPLATE_SRC_IFNOTEMPTY ="If_Element_is_NOT_empty" +TEXT_BOLD = bold +TEXT_CELL = cell +TEXT_CODE = Code +TEXT_ITALIC = italic +TEXT_MARKUP_DEFINITIONITEM=Definition-Entry +TEXT_MARKUP_DEFINITIONLIST=Definition-List +TEXT_MARKUP_EMPHATIC = "Emphatic" +TEXT_MARKUP_FOOTNOTE=Footnote +TEXT_MARKUP_HEADLINE=Headline +TEXT_MARKUP_IMAGE = "Simple text" +TEXT_MARKUP_INSERTED=Inserted text +TEXT_MARKUP_LINEBREAK=Line break +TEXT_MARKUP_LINK = "Link" +TEXT_MARKUP_LISTENTRY=List enty +TEXT_MARKUP_LIST=Simple list +TEXT_MARKUP_NUMBEREDLIST=Numbered list +TEXT_MARKUP_NUMBERED_LIST = "Numbered list" +TEXT_MARKUP_PARAGRAPH=Paragraph +TEXT_MARKUP_RAW = "Simple raw text" +TEXT_MARKUP_REMOVED=Removed text +TEXT_MARKUP_SPEECH=Speech +TEXT_MARKUP_STRONG = "Important" +TEXT_MARKUP_TABLECELL = "Column" +TEXT_MARKUP_TABLELINE = "Line" +TEXT_MARKUP_TABLEOFCONTENT = "Table of content" +TEXT_MARKUP_TABLE = "Table" +TEXT_MARKUP_TELETYPE=Pre-Formatted +TEXT_MARKUP_TEXT = "Text" +TEXT_MARKUP_UNNUMBERED_LIST = "List" +TEXT_OL = "numbered List" +TEXT_TABLE = "Table" +TEXT_UL = "List" +TIMEZONE="Timezone" +TRANSFER_IMPORT_DESC = "Using the import you are able to import files from the server file system." +TRANSFER_IMPORT = "Import" +TRANSFER_SOURCE = "Source" +TRANSFER_TARGET = "Target" +TREE_CHOOSE_PROJECT ="Please select a project." +TREE_CLOSE_ELEMENT ="Close this part of the tree" +TREE_OPEN_ELEMENT ="Open this part of the tree" +USER_ACT_PASSWORD = "Active passwort" +USER_ADMIN = Administrator +USER_AND_GROUPS ="User and groups" +USER_DELETE_DESC = "Delete the user. Attention, all settings and rights are lost!" +USER_DESC = "Description" +USER_FULLNAME = "Full name" +USER_ISADMIN_DESC = "Administrators have all rights to all projects." +USER_LDAPDN_DESC = "The distinguished name of this user in the LDAP-directory. Example: cn =Eddi Murphy,ou =Finance,o =My organization,c =DE. If unsure, leave this blank." +USER_LDAPDN = "LDAP dn" +USER_LOGINAS = "Logged in as" +USER_LOGIN_FAILED = "Login not possible. Wrong Username or wrong password." +USER_LOGOUT_DESC = "Logout from this application. Your session is closed." +USER_LOGOUT = Logout +USER_MAIL = E-Mail +USER_MAIL_INVALID = "E-Mail adress not valid" +USER_MAIL_NEW_PASSWORD = "Send E-Mail to user with the new password" +USER_MAIL_SUBJECT = "Your Password" +USER_MAIL_TEXT_PREFIX = "Your Password for logging in to OpenRat Content Management System is:" +USER_MAIL_TEXT_SUFFIX = "Note this password at a secure place and remove this E-Mail. Your are able to change your password after logging in." +USER_MEMBERSHIPS = Memberships +USER_NEW_MAIL = "New E-Mail address" +USER_NEW_PASSWORD = "New Password" +USER_NEW_PASSWORD_REPEAT = "New password again" +USER_PASSWORD = "Password" +USER_PASSWORD_TIMEOUT =Password will time out +USER_PROFILE_DESC = "Your profile. Change your personal settings" +USER_RANDOM_PASSWORD = "Create random password" +USER_REGISTER_CODE =Comit registration code +USER_STYLE_DESC = "A 'Style' contains Settings for colours and Fonts. Every User is able to select his own style" +USER_STYLE = Style +USER_TEL = "Telephone" +USER_USERNAME_DESC = "With this name the user is logging in" +USER_USERNAME = Username +USER_YOURPROFILE = "My settings" +VALUE = Content +WEEK="Week" + +EL_LINKINFO_FILENAME = "Filename (without extension)" +EL_LINKINFO_FULL_FILENAME = "Complete filename with path" +EL_LINKINFO_ID = "ID of linked object" +EL_LINKINFO_NAME = "Name of linked object" +EL_LINKINFO_DESCRIPTION = "Description of linked object" + +EL_LINKDATE_DATE_CREATED = "liànjiē duìxiàng: Creation-Date/Time" +EL_LINKDATE_DATE_PUBLISHED = "liànjiē duìxiàng: Rìqí/shíjiān qù chūbǎn" +EL_LINKDATE_DATE_SAVED = "liànjiē duìxiàng: Rìqí/shíjiān qù wǎnjiù" +EL_LINKDATE_DESC = "liánjiē, xìnxī, rìqí shì rìqí de liànjiē de duìxiàng" +EL_LINKDATE = "Link-Info-Date" +NOTICE_IMAGE_RESIZING_UNKNOWN_TYPE="cǐ túpiàn lèixíng bù zhīchí." +NOTICE_UNEXPECTED_CHARS = "shūrù shùjù bāohán yìwài de zìfú ér bèi chāichú."+ \ No newline at end of file