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diff --git a/modules/cms/action/ b/modules/cms/action/ @@ -8,5 +8,19 @@ Their mission is to - calling the model - providing all data for the UI. -Contracts: +### View and Post + +Every HTTP-Request contains 2 parameters: +- `action`: The action class is instantiated with this value. Example: The action "example" will instantiate a class "ExampleAction". +- `method`: The method which should be called in this action (see above) + +### View and Post + +The parameter `method` and the HTTP method are deciding, which method is called. + +Example: +`GET /?action=example&method=foo` will call _ExampleAction::fooView()_. +`POST /?action=example&method=foo` will call _ExampleAction::fooPost()_. + +### Contracts: - **no database requests are done here!** Database requests are only done by the model classes. \ No newline at end of file